A timely update

It’s about time we update you on what Wonderneer is working on.  Here are some of the main projects currently in production.

Somewhere in the South


Synopsis: Survival horror experience on the Underground Railroad.

Somewhere in the South is somewhat complete, though strong consideration in moving to a different engine is being discussed. The sample version can be experienced now: http://wonderneer.com/somewhere-in-the-south/

Our Good Leader


Synopsis: A woman searches for a truth in the shadows of an overwhelming regime.

A large open world with new elements introduced to the genre. Prototype version can be experienced now and is updated annually: http://wonderneer.com/our-good-leader-prototype/


Timeless Basketball (working title)

Synopsis: A player breaks the sturdy color line of a reluctant basketball league.

This is experience takes place around the early 1950s. The difficulties of segregation and equality in the sporting world are depicted. Though a fragment of the experience and more of a light part of a very serious subject matter, a “free-throw” can be taken: http://wonderneer.com/throwback-free-throw/


A Better Earth (working title)


Synopsis: That last reminisces of Earth search for a better planet, but only past gripes and rivalries are discovered.



Dignity (working title)


Synopsis: A group of women fight for a second chance.

Concept art and prototype images have been posted on the social media accounts. This experience intertwines Mixed Martial Arts and traditional adventure elements with a heavy emphasis on storytelling.


These are some of the projects being worked on at this time. As always, we greatly appreciate you patients and feedback as we work diligently to bring you these experiences.

Again, thank you.





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