The Big Timely Post E3 Update Part 2 of 3

It’s a rarity to be in the same vicinity for three days with some of the best creative visionaries on the planet. At E3, it was that type of moment. We tried to sneak away from the Somewhere in the South booth and play the other games present. Here are a few gems we got to try:

DISCLAIMER: Due to the feverish nature of E3, we couldn’t get around to play everyone’s games (we didn’t want to miss any of our visitors). Most the games listed were neighboring our booth. If a fellow developer doesn’t see their game listed, please forgive us, it’s not a snub by any means!

Tracking Ida
By Lishan AZ and Lynn

Tracking Ida is a series of activities based on the life of Ida B. Wells. The activities are physical in nature, such as rearranging news articles related to the newspaper she worked on (The Free Speech) and searching through Ida B. Wells historical chest. This really stood out not only because it’s based on a hero, but also because it wasn’t a “video game”, the experience is all activity station based. It’s brilliantly done, deeply researched and leaves a lasting impression. You will learn something you’ve probably didn’t know after TrackingIda.

“O” for Oppression
By Skylar and Daniel

I was lucky to be right next to this great duo and their game, “O” for Oppression.  You must decipher code using sound. At certain moments you’d press one of the key directions corresponding with the sound-wave to make a match. Very limited visual elements, heavy reliance on our ears. I’ve honestly never seen or heard anything like it!

Disco Bear
By Brian Handy and friends

Help a polar bear get it’s groove back. Nuff said really. “Polar bear” and “groove” in the same sentence! Joking aside, great music, simple game-play (only directional buttons! Really creative!) and plenty of laugh out loud moments. You’ll probably see this on the big screen one day because it was masterfully written and has a lot of appeal. Believe it or not, I’m a casual breaker/footwork dancer and this great piece inspired me to try breaking again!

Everything is going to be OK
By Tanja and Nathalie Lawhead

A series of narratives and mini games based on depression and traumatic stress, all represented by hand-drawn animals. In one sequence, you must choose the “right thing” to say to another character in an emotionally difficult situation. Say something wrong, a meter ticks up. We’ve all been in situations like this where we don’t want to say something insensitive, yet have a hundred things swirling in our brain. Tackling this very sensitive subject matter deserves praise alone, but the sister design duo managed to take it to the next level in terms of creativity and substance.

By RedCandleGames

I couldn’t get past the first sequence, I was that frightened! The setting is Taiwan in the 1960s. A gripping martial law is in effect, any dissidents to Kuomintang’s rule (a government party) would be imprisoned and/or killed. This was also known as the 228 massacre. The art style is appropriately dark, yet has original authenticity to it. The game-play reminded me of the survival horror games of the 90s, which is always appreciated! The historical details (won’t spoil it, but the main character and overall setting have a big significance to that time period) are exceptional. RedCandleGames manages to capture a disturbing time in human history with much purpose.

Big Burly Men At Sea
By BrainandBrain

Intriguing narrative, immersive soundtrack and beautiful art style! The game is based on 20th Century Scandinavian folklore of three big men at sea. The art directions makes it feel like a storybook that’s come to life! It’s very soothing and calming, with great cut scenes and adventure style game-play. I wouldn’t be surprised to see this as an animated series one day!


Once again, we couldn’t get to all of the games at the E3 IndieCade showcase, but what an incredible lineup of games to be surrounded by! Please support these amazing artists anyway you can.

The third and final part of the E3 update is coming up next. We’ll talk more on Somewhere in the South and other projects in the works! Don’t be afraid to contact Wonderneer using this form or email us at the following: contact(remove)@(remove)



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