Stream the E3 2017 Prototype of Somewhere in the South

Mentioned earlier that another version of Somewhere in the South was shown at the IndieCade #E3 Showcase. Now you can see it! Was reluctant to post this because it was only intended to get feedback on certain ideas. The general consensus from visitors was some new elements were interesting but preferred the art-style/grittiness of the original Somewhere in the South.

Before you try it, a few notes:

-It’s extremely buggy.

-It might be very loud. Sound boosted because E3 is loud.

-It takes a lot of resources.

-Never intended for streaming. Might cause the browser window to reset.

-Some music and art had to be removed for the stream because it was humongous.

-It’s very short.

Check it out at

Also, a bigger version of the original:
(Double tap to skip the disclaimer and the opening intro.)



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