Quick August Update: Creative Challenges and iTunes Version…

The outdoors look completely different in the new version.

Hi everyone. A few personal situations in real life substantially slowed down progress in the last few weeks. Things might get even slower for the first week of August, but development will quickly pick up steam again shorty after August 7th.

Working extremely hard on a Somewhere in the South build based on the E3 Feedback. Having some difficulties developing ideas on “things to do”. Somewhere in the South is about guiding a female slave to the Canadian border,  “activities” or “missions” along the way is proving to be a challenge creative wise. She needs to keep moving, slave hunters and bloodhounds are chasing her. Perhaps you could switch between a different character during lulls in travel? Maybe an abolitionist who is waiting for the slave to arrive at one of the stations?

Also (FINALLY!) planning on putting this version on the iTunes/Android store. Not sure if I mentioned this, but these versions may look completely different due to performance interests. This version might have a “retro” feel to it, but contain all of the elements of the original Somewhere in the South, including the Black English.

A multitude of other projects are quietly being tested. I’ll have a more detailed breakdown on what’s going on and hopefully new builds for you to try in the coming weeks.

Thanks again, as always you can reach Wonderneer using the Contact page.




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