IndieCade 2017 Recap Part 2 of 2

At IndieCade 2017, Wonderneer was very fortunate to be in the same building with the most imaginative minds on the planet. When we had time, we ventured off from our booth to play some of the outstanding games present.

DISCLAIMER: Please don’t take it as snub if your game wasn’t mentioned. We could only play a few (and we mean a few, IndieCade was busy.)!

Ghosts of Miami

pillowfight games (

Taking place in the mid 80s, Ghosts of Miami tackles topics on race and immigration, funny when it needs to be and bold when it must be! I really don’t want to spoil too much of the story line, but this game is a masterpiece! The art-style and presentation is “so 80s”,  yet the mood and sometimes dark subject matter compliment each other very well.


Jerome Games (

Strong narrative adventure about bullying. You play a student that most cope with bullying, peer pressure and other angst. One of the more creative aspects is not only do you experience a typical school day, but also the life they live at home. It gives you an eye-opening perspective on how home and family life effects the students at school.

The Iota Project

Dreamsail games (

Very neat VR action game! Very reminiscent of Pacific Rim! You take control of giant robots, battling others in cities. Imagine King Kong battling moth dude in Chicago, only better! The physics and destruction is just breathtaking to witness. From what we gathered, the Mech suits have a deep, poetic-like meaning.

Wish we could have played more! Every game presented at the event was (and still is) amazing! Please check out for the full list of games shown this year. Play and support these indie devs!



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