IndieCade 2017 Recap Part 1 of 2

Visitor playing the new build of Somewhere in the South at IndieCade 2017.

Hello friends! Finished up IndieCade 2017 and settling in. Awesome visitors, awesome staff and awesome developers all in one place! What a great time! Really enjoyed talking with everyone, a lot of valuable feedback given!

Somewhere in the South Feedback

Everyone was mesmerized by the black English to the point it got me teary eyed. However, since you can’t skip through the text, it sounded like a clicking symphony from everyone jamming the click button on the mouse trying to jump to the next sentence. A fellow developer put it to me this way: “I would need to fast forward the text, as this seems like a game I would have to retry a lot because of the difficulty.” We’ll definitely add a way to pass over through the text with the next build, so you can proceed at your own pace.

Lots of kudos for the art-style, but the new menu interface was a mixed bag. We noticed people had a hard time finding the “close button” on the bottom right side of the screen. Thought about putting it on the top right, but it seemed awkward.  Perhaps bigger?

The improved outdoors received a lot of “that’s beautiful” comments, though it might have to be changed again because everyone keeps “going up” to reach the north, which isn’t the case all the time. The idea is that the direction of “North” changes at random and you need to find a clue that indicates the right direction. Back to the drawing board on this one!

All in all, the general consensus was “I’ve never seen anything like this!” and “keep going”, but things still need changes. I’m so flattered that everyone is intrigued by this experience!

So, when can you try it?

I need to make the new build “streaming” friendly, as it’s more advanced then the original.  However, you may try an internal test build here:

Hold on a sec! It’s not optimized for streaming, it’s very buggy and doesn’t reflect the build shown at IndieCade. The more completed, streaming optimized version will be upload soon!

“What are you waiting for?” IndieCade discussion

A big thank you to everyone that attended the “What are you waiting for?” presentation!  I clearly needed more time, as the 25 minutes I requested wasn’t enough. More people showed up then expected and the people that stayed after told me they we’re generally “intrigued” by some of the things I mentioned in the speech.

If you missed it, I basically talked about how to simplify your game idea into something achievable. I hope to do the presentation again with more time and more examples.

Next Up

In part two of this update, we’ll talk about the other amazing games at IndieCade that we got to try.

As always, you can reach us with the contact form or comment below.  Thanks for reading friend!




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