Final Version Plans

Wow! This year went fast didn’t it!?

Hope everyone had a great holiday break. What have you been up to? 🙂

Really wanted to release Somewhere in the South this year, but it still needs more time. ⏱️Having some difficulties getting it to run on IOS, mainly because of the large size of the application.

This is a list of what’s planned for the final version.🚨 Please note that things could (and probably will) be removed due to the technical problems I mentioned earlier.

-Somewhere in the South Directors Cut
All of the great feedback and cut content implemented.
A more grim experience then the original. Try the sample version:

-Somewhere in the South Original
The version that’s been on the site for a few years. You’ll notice a lot differences from the Director’s Cut. Try the sample version:

-The Making Of
I mentioned on social media (follow @wonderneer) I found some old prototypes and alphas of Somewhere. Would like to provide portions of these with commentary, as the over a decade long development of Somewhere is very interesting. A video perhaps?

-Our Good Leader Demo
Can’t say too much about this. 🤐

As you can see, it’s a challenge to fit all of this in one application, but it’s going OK so far. Things will most likely be removed, but really trying to stay with the planned list.

Thanks again for your patience, any questions or suggestions use the handy comment section or email directly at

The new year is upon us, cannot wait to share the amazing projects planned for you!