fighting game concept video

Hi everyone. While we’re working on revamping the Somewhere in the South engine and providing content to Ch97, we stumbled upon an old concept formation video for a fighter we announced about a year ago. The working title is called Dignity. It’s an entirely hand drawn fighter with an all female cast.

The above video is a concept formation, this means the experience (or video game, whatever you’d like to call it!) is at the brainstorming stage. What is the game about? How will it play? What will it look like? Those are a few of the questions we ask ourselves at this point.

We actually planned on putting the concept formation on the site for you to experiment with, but the build was not only nowhere near close to being playable, but the graphics alone were created in an insane high resolution format (future proofed too much) and constantly overheated the development computers!

As of today, the concept of Dignity is being simplified. It will be shown again next year.




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