A timely update for August

Where have we been!?

Well, it’s a long story. A REALLY long story, but we’ll make it quick:

After E3, the site experienced nearly a month of downtime due to a dispute with our hosting company. Updates weren’t possible at this time, which made it seem that we disappeared.

Here is what were working on:



The MMA experience roughly known as “Dignity” may see a change in look. We like the traditional “VS fighter” appearance, but a more “looking-down” viewpoint might be more accurate.

A Better Earth

You will FINALLY see images of the working title “A Better Earth” this month. A Better Earth takes place in a future that sees that last remnants of the planet search for a new home. However, humans are not the dominant species and past gripes haven’t been forgotten. Though we can’t promise, we MIGHT be able to get a prototype build running this month for your valued feedback.

Somewhere in the South

As stated in the last update (a long time ago), strong consideration was going into whether or not to start over on Somewhere in the South. The process has already begun, though not sure if it will continue.

Our Good Leader

Our good leader is coming along greatly, we hope to update the prototype this month!
The market system is being revamped to better reflect the atmosphere of a depressed country. The city is getting closer to completion, so you’ll finally be able to guide the player from home to downtown.


In the following weeks you’ll see some changes to the website. If you haven’t already noticed the homepage, it has all the Wonderneer experiences front and center for convenience. More changes our on the way,

Once again, thanks for your continued patience.




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