A much needed update for October

We first must start by apologizing for over a year of not updating. What happened? Wonderneer was very, VERY close to shutting down. We decided to stay the course while contemplating a few drastically different directions for the company.

We’ve shifted a lot resources over to our other project, ch97. This is an “edutainment” based network of mostly original animated/live action projects with an emphasis on promoting independent productions. Ch97 took a lot more resources then we imagined, which took away development time from the interactive experiences.

Somewhere in the South
The survival horror experience on the Underground Railroad is being reprogrammed from scratch. Two days ago was the anniversary and we hoped to have a workable build ready for it. Sadly, we didn’t feel like it was stable. The main problem is the outdoor segments, which we want to revamp but are somewhat stumped on how.

The goal is to try to show it at trade shows and possibly a museum display.

Other Experiences
The rest of the experiences we announced are currently on hold as the priority is to get SITS stable and running on all platforms. We have A LOT of things we want to show and announce in the future, but not until we revamp SITS.

Once again, apologizes. No matter what was going on behind the scenes, we’ve should have kept YOU informed.
Things will be changing soon, but as always, thank you for your support.



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