June is a big month for announcements in the gaming industry. What's going on with Wonderneer?
June 4, 2021

Hey everyone, like other companies, the lack of updates is due to the COVID pandemic really messing up the game development schedules, but getting back on track. Slowly but surely. Patience is key, but we know time is valuable and important.

What about the Somewhere in the South Bonus content?

The bonus extras for Somewhere in the South are being redone. It's why it was missing in the initial release. The developer commentary is being recorded over again because the discovery of decade old development notes. Some of the information in these notes are interesting and I completely forgot about.

What's next? What other games and experiences are you working on?

A game has been in development nearly as long as Somewhere that I hope to announce and show soon. To say it's a crazy ambitious concept would not put it into context.

It's March already?
March 1, 2021

Already into the third month of 2021. Time is going by way too fast. Hope your holding up well.